Hello Sensible Walkers

Welcome to all walkers, hikers, and backpackers who wear a sensible unisex skirt (kilt) as their primary clothing bottom. This is for MEN and WOMEN who spend time on a trail, path, or road enjoying the comfort and movement freedom offered by a skirt or kilt.

This site uses skirt and kilt interchangeably except when describing a specific product – usually adopting the manufacturer’s designation. It’s hard to tell the difference, especially when comparing a highlands kilt, lacrosse kilt, a runners skirt, or a netball skirt.

In all comments, please differentiate between a skirt and a skort (sewn in briefs or shorts). My preference and use is a skirt, and I usually remove an interior brief if I like the overall skort design. Removing the inner brief also reduces weight.

My plan is to include personal reviews and images of many skirt products. Hopefully, these products may also reside in your trail wardrobe. We should share our lessons learned.

Let me know if there is a specific skirt topic you would like me to include.

Please be kind, friendly, and helpful. There is no one best skirt for our activities.

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