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What works best for me?

Start with my updated page Skirt (kilt) experiment list – by weight . Do you have experience with one of the listed skirts?

What have I found to be the best skirt (kilt) for my walking?

Well, that depends…especially as a male wearing them.

  • For early morning exercise walking (striding): mini-length [33 cm (13″) to 40 cm (16″)] skirt style that is short, lightweight, quick dry, stretchy, drawstring waist, and rear ID or key pocket with zipper. My shorts equivalent is my 1″ inseam, 3/4 or full-split, nylon tricot or Supplex® running short.
  • For backpacking and trail hiking: mini to mid-length [38 cm (15″) to 43 cm (17″)] skirt style that is lightweight, quick dry, stretchy, elastic waist, and has hip pockets. These skirts are accepted by real trail folk, and I see more men wearing lightweight kilts (or skirts). My shorts equivalent is my 5″ inseam Patagonia Baggies.
  • For everyday walking or around town: just-above-knee length [41 cm (16″) to 51 cm (20″)] kilt style, with a drawstring or belt loops and plenty of pockets. My shorts equivalent are the Patagonia 8″ Sandy Cay or Patagonia 5″ Stand Up shorts.

Using this criteria, what skirts in my Skirt List seem to feel the best – so far?

  • For early morning exercise walking (striding) Brine Siren kilt (mini) or the Purple Rain skirt. For a pocket on the Siren kilt, I use the Buddy Pouch , which works nicely with iPhone and ID. The Purple Rain skirt hip pockets are excellent, but I like the water resistant inside Buddy Pouch pocket.

As exercise walking alternatives, consider the Patagonia Happy Hike skirt, or RunningSkirts Triathlon skirt. If I might see other walkers or runners, I will often wear the Purple Rain kilt or skirt. As a male, I get some odd, disapproving looks (or gaze avoidance) when my skirt is 15″ or less long.

  • For backpacking and trail hiking:  Purple Rain kilt or skirt- either one. Both are where form and function meet!  Your choice should be comfortable with your pack’s hip belt.

As trail alternatives, consider the Patagonia Happy Hike skirt, RunningSkirts Triathlon skirt, Athena Garments custom wrap skirt, and a heavier Sport Kilt Hiking skirt (16″ best, 18″ OK too).

  • For everyday walking and town wear: Purple Rain Adventure kilt and the Sport Kilt Original Kilt in 18″ length.

For an everyday alternative, there really aren’t any for a male. When in town, traditional skirts on a male will draw a “weird look” from others, so I wear a longer kilt style. Depending on your area, you can likely wear an 18″ or 20″ kilt most places with just a few smiles from observers.

What works best for you?